NASA - School of Visual Arts

The SVA Masters in Branding thesis explores how brands have fallen out of touch with culture.

Our task was to identify the single most important issue facing the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) today and reposition the brand to regain cultural relevance. We created a strategy and proposed tactics to achieve this goal.

  • Role Strategist, Designer, Art Director
  • Date 2015
  • Team Michi Ohira, Reese Vaccarezza, Madalyn Worthington


The team began by exploring NASA’s history and relationship with American culture. We conducted interviews and researched NASA’s role in the space industry.

We identified NASA’s biggest problem as one of public perception.


NASA is the fuel that accelerates humanity. They stand for the pure pursuit of knowledge and exploration through inspiration, discovery and innovation. NASA, Go Beyond aims to unify and simply NASA’s voice creating a meaningful connection with the public.

We simplified NASA’s logo by removing the sphere, which was originally symbolic of earth. This allows NASA to exist beyond all boundaries illustrating that it’s truly limitless. This logo also allows for more flexibility in it’s usage.

NASA’s communications are currently fragmented over 50 websites and 480 social media accounts. By creating a unified digital presence the public will be able to easily access information from a single hub.

A recruitment campaign utilizing the names of NASA’s probes and rovers can help spread awareness to the general public as well as attract new employees.

This new unified voice will translate to all of NASA’s communications both internal and external.

The ‘Powered by NASA. Made for space, applied on earth’ seal would be introduced to licensing agreements to build greater awareness to the benefits of NASA.

NASA University is a proposed brand extension which centralizes all of NASA’s contributions to education in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

NASA 1st Contact is a proposed hybrid incubator living within the walls of the University.

We developed NASA, Beyond Reports–an interactive visualization of NASA’s discoveries. Partnering with visual artists, architects and designers to visually and experimentally educate the public about NASA’s work.